Small Grant: Farmer-to-Farmer: Colombia Agricultural Network Development Opportunity (Can Do)

New Mexico State University (NMSU)’s Can Do program aims to develop agricultural extension models to ensure delivery of applied agricultural research news and information to smallholder farmers in post-conflict Colombia. Ten Farmer-to-Farmer volunteers will partner with graduates from Universidad de La Salle’s Utopia campus to work in remote areas of the Bolivar and Sucre departments. Together, they will assess information gaps, share relevant research and techniques developed from Utopia’s agricultural school, and suggest interventions to improve production, food safety, marketing, nutrition, or other practices. Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer participation will also help provide training for local extension agents, such as the Utopia graduates, and local agricultural organizations. Overall, the project will build the capacity of a growing network of agricultural specialists while supporting national goals to improve livelihoods and sustain peace.

ContactRod McSherry

Grant Summary: 
Small Grant in Colombia
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Effective Date: 
August, 2017 to July, 2018