Farmer-to-Farmer FY2016 Annual Report

Published Date: 
Friday, January 13, 2017

Please find below the Fiscal Year 2016 Farmer-to-Farmer Annual Report. The report is broken up below in two sections. The first is program overview, impacts and management, including attachments: 

  • Attachment A: Country F2F Project Activities 
  • Attachment B: F2F Special Program Support Project (SPSP) Sub-award Projects through FY16 
  • Attachment C: FY16 and Program-to-Date F2F Volunteer Data and Activity Indicators by Project 
  • Attachment D: FY16 F2F Host Baseline Data and Impact Potential by Project through FY16 
  • Attachment E: F2F Program Outcome and Impact Indicators by Project through FY16 
  • Attachment F: FY16 F2F Volunteer Characteristics 
  • Attachment G: FY16 F2F Volunteer Assignments by Country 
  • Attachment H: FY16 Public Outreach and Leveraging of Resources by Project 
  • Attachment I: FY16 Volunteer Assignments by Volunteer State of Origin 
  • Attachment J: Summary of F2F Program Activity To-date by Country F2F Project 
  • Attachment K: FY16 Associate Award Volunteer Assignment and Activity Indicators 

Section two includes:

  • Attachment L: FY2016 Farmer-to-Farmer Program and Volunteer Stories