FY2017 F2F Semi-Annual Reports

Published Date: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Below are the FY2017 Semi-Annual Reports for all the Farmer-to-Farmer implementers.


ACDI/VOCA West Africa
Ghana: Staple Crops, Horticulture, Ag Education & Research
Liberia: Livestock, Horticulture, Youth in Agriculture
Senegal: Millet, Horticulture, Environmental Conservation
DRC: Staple Crops, Poultry & Aquaculture

ACDI/VOCA Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
Tajikistan: Producer Development, Rural Enterprises
Kyrgyzstan: Ag Education, Rural Enterprises, Financial Services
Georgia: Producer Organization Development, Rural Enterprises, Ag Education
Armenia: Producer Organization Development, Rural Enterprise
Ethiopia: Grains (Maize & Rice), Horticulture, Livestock
Kenya: Livestock, Horticulture, Dairy
Tanzania: Grains (Maize & Rice), Horticulture
Uganda: Grains (Maize), Oilseeds
Malawi: Legumes, Horticulture
Mozambique: Legumes, Horticulture
Angola: Horticulture
Egypt: Food Safety & Quality, Rural Finance
Lebanon: Food Safety & Quality, Finance, Environonmental Conservation
Haiti: Rural Enterprise Development
Guatemala: Enterprise Development, Value Added Horticulture
Dominican Republic: Increasing Resilience to Climate Change
Nicaragua: Livestock & Dairy, Women & Youth in Agriculture
Small Grant: Improving the Sustainability of Kosovo Agriculture (Engineers Without Borders USA)
Small Grant: Common Pastures: Sustaining Flocks, Farms and Families in Mali (Browse and Grass Growers Cooperative)
Small Grant: Addressing Vanilla through Cooperative Enterprise (ADVANCE) Program in Madagascar (NCBA CLUSA)
PDP: Improving Food Safety Systems Project (International Executive Service Corps)
Guinea: Formal & Private Sector Ag Education & Training
Nigeria: Formal & Private Sector Ag Education & Training
Senegal: Formal & Private Sector Ag Education & Training
Bangladesh: Youth Entrepreneurship, Ag Education & Training
Burma: Rural Development
Nepal: Youth Entrepreneurship, Ag Education & Training