Special Program Support Project

F2F Special Program Support Project (SPSP) provides opportunities for new partners to participate in the F2F program while offering USAID Missions another mechanism for integrating volunteer technical assistance into their activities. 

The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) manages SPSP. VEGA builds the capacity and encourages the participation of new F2F implementers. VEGA mentors new organizations, beginning with support during the grant-writing process, and helps organizations meet USAID program, activity, and reporting requirements. VEGA also supports learning in the wider F2F community, gathering and disseminating knowledge to strengthen the overall program. 

Accomplishments of Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP to date:

  • Four Program Development Projects launched in Colombia, Ethiopia/Uganda, Jamaica and Ghana These program last between 3 and 4 years and are valued at approximately $700,000 to $3 million
  • Sixteen small grants awarded to implement Farmer-to-Farmer in Bangladesh, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti (3), India, Kenya, Kosovo, Madagascar, Mali (2), Mongolia, Morocco, and Zambia (2)
  • 279 volunteers deployed through SPSP grants. These volunteers have trained 18,986 people and strengthened 224 host institutions

Knowledge Management

The SPSP program gathers and disseminates success stories, best practices, and lessons learned from all F2F implementers and SPSP sub-grant implementers. VEGA works with partners to promote the F2F program to the American public; to continue to evolve best practices in agricultural volunteer programming; and to build the capacity of new organizations involved in the F2F program. VEGA also manages knowledge sharing through the F2F web portal at www.farmer-to-farmer.org. The site is used to disseminate F2F success stories and lessons learned among current implementing partners, volunteers, beneficiaries, and USAID. 

Capacity Development

VEGA builds the capacity of new organizations and encourages F2F participation of minority-serving organizations and institutions, small NGOs, diaspora organizations, specialized technical networks, and universities. To build the capacity of organizations, VEGA conducts capacity development activities, including sub-grants, and also maintains the Farmer-to- Farmer portal. 

Sub-Grant Management

Sub-grants for the SPSP include Program Development Projects (PDP) and small grants. Each PDP is a full F2F program in a specific country or thematic area that helps to develop the capacity of the implementing organization to carry out larger-scale volunteer programs. The small grants fund activities to address country specific or thematic areas, specific volunteer target groups, and/or innovative ways of programming volunteers. Small grants involve organizations not currently implementing core F2F cooperative agreements or SPSP PDPs. Program oversight, mentoring, training, and program visits provided by VEGA ensure that sub-grant implementers are successful and that the F2F brand is maintained. 

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