Work With Us

VEGA manages the Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project (SPSP), which supports innovative approaches to using volunteers in international development initiatives. The SPSP funds and supports Farmer-to-Farmer projects that draw from non-traditional sources of volunteers and develops the capacity of non-traditional volunteer organizations. VEGA Farmer-to-Farmer special projects will be implemented by voluntary technical assistance organizations as sub-awards.

How is VEGA's Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP different from the other core Farmer-to-Farmer programs?

  • VEGA does not directly implement projects, but works with organizations through its sub-award program to assist them in piloting innovative approaches to Farmer-to-Farmer. To learn more about VEGA's Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP sub-awards.
  • VEGA works closely with its sub-awardees to build their capabilities to successfully carry out Farmer-to-Farmer projects.
  • VEGA's Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP works globally, rather than in any particular geographic region.
  • VEGA's Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP encourages continuous learning by conducting special studies on topics of interest to the Farmer-to-Farmer Worldwide Program. For access to these special studies, please visit the Farmer-to-Farmer resources page