What is the Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project (F2F SPSP)?

F2F SPSP provides opportunities for new partners to participate in the Farmer-to-Farmer program while offering USAID Missions another mechanism for integrating volunteer technical assistance into their activities.The Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) manages SPSP. VEGA builds the capacity and encourages the participation of new F2F implementers. VEGA mentors new organizations, beginning with support during the grant-writing process, and helps organizations meet USAID program, activity, and reporting requirements. VEGA also manages knowledge sharing and learning among current implementing partners, volunteers, beneficiaries, and USAID.


What are the benefits of Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP?

The F2F SPSP provides missions easy access to a full range of agricultural technical assistance, complemented by other inputs needed for project success. F2F SPSP is well suited to build the capacity of organizations to facilitate sustainability and to manage larger, follow-on investments. The F2F SPSP allows missions to “buy-in” by transferring funds to F2F SPSP without going through a separate procurement process. Buy-ins can cover a full range of agriculture and rural development activities and must include volunteer technical assistance, but may include other inputs such as training, equipment, subgrants and consultants. Buy-ins must be completed by September 2018.

  • Simple Process – To buy into the program, your mission simply transfers money to the Bureau of Food Security; VEGA manages the solicitation, award, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Responsive – Your mission provides input into the RFA, designates a representative for the technical review panel, and elects a mission representative during implementation.
  • Fast Procurement – If needed, the RFA competition can be conducted rapidly. Average procurement competitions span just 35 days from RFA release to successful winner.
  • Impactful – F2F Volunteers are expert practitioners in their field, provide unique skills to build local capacity, establish lasting relationships, and represent the United States as citizen diplomats.
  • Cost Effective – F2F Volunteers are substantially more cost effective than consultants. Average volunteer leveraged time is $470 per day.
  • Flexible and Customizable – You choose the size and scope of the program depending on your mission’s budget.


How can Missions access Farmer-to-Farmer SPSP?

Missions can follow a simple process:

1. Mission consults with BFS/F2F staff and VEGA to confirm suitability of potential activity.
2. Mission develops a program description for proposed activity and obtains concurrence from BFS/F2F and VEGA.
3. Mission transfers funds to BFS for obligation to VEGA Cooperative Agreement.
4. VEGA issues an RFA based on the mission-provided F2F program description.
5. VEGA manages the RFA competition and selection process using an independent technical evaluation committee panel of experts. Mission staff can, and are encouraged to, participate on the panel.
6. VEGA makes the award and the Mission names an Activity Manager to work with the F2F AOR for the VEGA Cooperative Agreement.

To get started, please contact USAID’s F2F Program Contacts below.

Please note that Missions cannot access F2F services from current F2F Leader with Associates (LWA) holders through any VEGA procurement mechanisms. The current F2F LWA holders are ACDI/VOCACRSCNFALand O’LakesPartners of the Americas and Winrock International.


Farmer-to-Farmer Program Contacts

Gary E. Alex, Program Manager
Tel: (202) 712-4086
Fax: (202) 216-3579


Laura Alexander, VEGA Senior Program Manger

Tel: (202) 367-9986