How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteer applications are accepted on a rolling basis and you can fill one out here.  Applications will be forwarded to all organizations that implement F2F programs. If your skills match with an open assignment, you will be contacted directly by one of these organizations. You can also go to each implementer's website to see if they have posted open volunteer assignments. Volunteers are intended to be experts in their represented fields.  Fluency in a language other than English or travel experience outside the U.S.  is not required. 

What professional experience do volunteers have?

Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of professional experience - from farming to accounting to marketing - but they all enjoy sharing their skills by teaching others. Most are mid- to senior-level in their careers, and we also have many retired volunteers.

Is there financial investment needed by the volunteer?

Volunteer financial expenses during the assignment such as travel, meals, and lodging are organized by the F2F implementing organization and are covered.

How long is a volunteer assignment?

Volunteer assignments range in length, but are usually at least two weeks. The exact length will be coordinated with your implementing organization

My organization is interested in running a F2F program, are there any opportunities?

Occasionally, USAID will release a Request for Applications (RFA) for U.S.-based organizations or institutions to apply to implement  F2F programs. To be added to the contact list for future RFAs, please contact us here.

My comapny/organization would like to receive assistance from an F2F volunteer. How can we be paired?

The organizations and companies that receive volunteer assistance are called hosts. If you would like to be a host, please check this page to see which implementing organization is active in your country. We recommend reaching out directly to the organization working in your country, or you can send an email to: avop@partners.net