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Leah Tewksbury


Capacity Building in Horticulture

Owner & Operator of Tewksbury Grace Farm shares recommendations from her Farmer-to-Farmer Experience

(Photo, above left) Volunteer Leah Tewksbury assess greenhouse tomato production issues and advises on solutions

Volunteer: Leah Tewksbury

Hometown:  Muncy, PA

Date: June 2019

Location: Kamonyi District, Rwanda

Implementer: Catholic Relief Services

Implementing Partner: African Food Supply (AFS)

"The Kamonyi farming cooperative was eager and participatory in our learning sessions. I believe they are motivated to change their production techniques to improve their yields, finances, and overall health of their farms. I expect that if they do adopt the permaculture practices and other GAP information shared, they will see a remarkable increase in production, extremely improved soil health conditions, the elimination of nearly constant soil erosion, reduced pest and disease pressures, improved ecological health of the entire area, and improved human health from reducing or eliminating the use of toxic sprays and synthetic fertilizers."

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