Winrock's September Volunteers of the Month: Drs. Fukumoto and Deenik

| Winrock

Winrock’s September Volunteers of the Month are dynamic duo, Dr. Jonathan Deenik and Dr. Glen Fukumoto. They both come from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and volunteered together this summer in Myanmar, providing training to farmers in Hmawbi Township on soil quality improvement techniques, including soil fertility management and composting using poultry and livestock manure. Our Country Director, Dr. Ai, notes that these two volunteers have “strong technical expertise, high cultural sensitivity, the ability to adapt to and understand local  farmers’ needs, an impressive teaching style, and complimentary qualities to form an effective team.” Jonathan and Glen have volunteered together in Myanmar three times and Dr. Ai explains that because of their work “our program has received positive impacts beyond our expectations; the trainees love them, respect them, and continue to request their return.”

Dairying in Lebanon: Milk for Health and Wealth

| Calvin Covington

When one thinks of the country of Lebanon, dairying is not the first thought that comes to mind. Most people associate Lebanon with its civil war, the suicide bombing of U.S. Marines back in 1983, the 2006 war and being right next door to the current conflict in Syria. Let me share with you another side of Lebanon, hidden from most people: its dairy industry.

Growing Mushrooms in Ghana

| Dr. Khalid Hameed

Over the last two years, I traveled to the towns of Kumasi, in southern Ghana, and Haasto, near the capital of Accra, to help farmers cultivate mushrooms as an ACDI/VOCA volunteer for the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program.

Improved Fish Farming and Business Management Skills Lead Chilomoni Integrated Fish Farmers (CIFF) to Great Harvesting Success

Chilomoni Integrated Fish Farmers (CIFF) was founded in 2004 through the Malawi Government project called Irrigation, Rural Livelihood and Agriculture Development (IRLAD) to produce maize, sugarcane, vegetables, and farmed fish. Since IRLAD ended, the farmers took full control of CIFF and chose to focus on aquaculture due to the high demand for fish in the Blantyre region. Despite the demand, the group lacked knowledge on modern fish farming practices and struggled to afford the expensive fish feed, both challenges hampered production. Therefore, CIFF requested technical assistance through the USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer program.

Former Winrock Volunteer Tells All

| Winrock International

For the last 26 years, Winrock has facilitated more than 5,000 volunteer assignments in 58 countries as part of the USAID John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program – but what does volunteering mean in a development context? Who typically volunteers with Winrock, and what do they do? Jen Snow, Winrock’s associate director of volunteer programs, tells us more.

New "Can Do" Program Assists Farmers in Post-Conflict Colombia

In a new Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) project, ten volunteers will provide training to Colombian smallholder farmers and agricultural extension agents in post-conflict rural areas under a grant implemented by New Mexico State University (NMSU). The Colombia Agricultural Network Development Opportunity, also known as “Can Do,” aims to develop agricultural extension models to ensure delivery of applied agricultural research news and information to farmers. The one-year grant is supported by Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA)’s Farmer-to-Farmer Special Program Support Project (SPSP).