NCBA CLUSA's Farmer-to-Farmer Project in Cacao


On Valentine’s Day, millions of people around the world buy chocolate for their loved ones. But as we share this holiday treat with our friends, partners and families, it’s important to understand where chocolate comes from.

Ecuador has a unique native variety of cacao beans known as Arriba or …

This World Food Safety Day, U.S. Volunteer Lends Expertise in Food Safety to Georgian Communities

| Dr. Aliyar Cyrus Fouladkhah, ACDI/VOCA Volunteer

Dr. Aliyar Cyrus Fouladkhah is faculty director of the Public Health Microbiology Foundation, based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of the food science and human nutrition master’s and food microbiology doctoral programs of Colorado State University, from which he also holds a graduate certificate in applied statistics and …