Western Innovator: Students Get Real-World Lessons

| Dianna Toyer

In their FFA and agriscience classes, students at Mackay High School in central Idaho are enrolling in college classes and experiencing unforgettable lessons through an innovative and flexible curriculum.

Under the supervision of Trent Van Leuven, 34, agriscience instructor and FFA adviser, students enroll in college classes, become certified to …

Volunteer Assistance Transforms Falumbamba Farm in M'banza Kongo, Angola


The Falumbamba Farm is a multi-operational farm that provides agricultural goods and services to Zaire Province, Angola, and employment to the surrounding community.  The farm produces a wide variety of crops on about 1280 hectares (only 20% of the farm) which is sold to markets in Luanda, Soyo and M’Banza Kongo. The farm also provides services to the surrounding community, including land preparation, technical assistance on food production practices and housing construction.