Enhancing Vegetable Production in Ghana


Madam Elizabeth Zutali, a 41-year-old vegetable farmer, was struggling to increase the productivity of her small farm in Tuba, Weija in the Ga South Municipality in Accra, Ghana. Although agriculture is part of her family’s livelihood and history, Madam Zutali had little knowledge on how to improve her vegetable crop yields.

F2F Partner Wins Gold Medal for Improved Water Recycling System

| Winrock International

Through a country-wide competitive process, the Modhumoty Fish Hatchery was awarded the National Award and received the Gold Medal* from the Government of Bangladesh’s  Prime Minister in celebration of National Fish Week 2017. This award showcases the hatchery’s significant contribution in aquaculture through quality fish hatchling production by adopting new technologies related to water recycling and reducing pressure on underground water. Because of these achievements, the hatchery now serves as a role model to other Bangladesh hatcheries to improve water recycling and sustainability in the aquaculture hatchery business.

Volunteer Supports a Community to Rehabilitate and Reclaim their Land

| Catholic Relief Services' Farmer-to-Farmer program

Redemptor Sebastian swings back and forth as she shouts to one of her friends to propel her swing further. She lets out a loud laugh before coming to a slow stop. At 10 years, Redemptor who is in second grade, lives in an orphanage in Arusha, Northern Tanzania. Called Canaan, the orphanage is built within a 200-acre farm that is managed by the Archdiocese of Arusha. Until five years ago, the land on which the orphanage is built was stable. Nothing grew on it but grass, and the Maasai community would graze their cattle there on a regular basis.